Republicans debated in Ohio. The economy barely came up. - Washington Post (blog)

It furthermore raises a very Ohio question: In case you're planning to debate inside a swing state, shouldn't anyone concentrate on the issue that practically always dominates its elections?

Jim Tankersley addresses economic policy pertaining to Your Post. Christie emphasized cuts throughout safety-net programs like Social Security, to reduce government spending. He's from Oregon, and the particular man misses it.

. Ohio Gov. "If you're among your 65 % regarding Americans whom feel your U.S. Marco Rubio fielded certainly 1 of the night's precious few questions in regards in order to the economy.

Deep in in order to the prime-time Republican presidential debate on Thursday night, Florida Sen. can be around the wrong track," stated James Pethokoukis, a conservative author for that American Enterprise Institute that has pushed Republican candidates to handle worker angst, "what get these debates offered?"

The answer: any little bragging concerning numerous governors' economic records - and also only a few details to assist differentiate the candidates' intends to increase the economy heading forward. Jeb Bush touted energy policy, regulatory reform and "fixing our immigration system as well as turning it in to an economic driver."

In the particular early debate, probably the most specifics originated in former Virginia Gov. Rick Santorum, which promised to add manufacturing work opportunities to help struggling workers without having higher education degrees.

In prime time, Rubio made one with the most immediate pitch to become able to workers: "The jobs that after sustained our middle class," he said, "they both don't pay adequate or perhaps they're gone, and we need a person in which realizes that as our nominee."

That's the pitch tailor-made regarding Cleveland, which in turn Republicans get additionally chosen for you to host their own national convention subsequent year. Mike Huckabee. John Kasich talked up the particular pro-growth power associated with balancing the particular federal budget.

Several candidates pushed tax cuts, such as Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Gov. Fox news moderators noted in which they had received greater than 3,000 economy-themed questions about Facebook prior to the debate. Jim Gilmore as well as via former Pennsylvania Sen. Your consensus winner of this debate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, by absolutely no means mentioned jobs or the economy from all.

"Way inadequate discussion" involving economic growth, the particular conservative commentator Larry Kudlow tweeted after the prime-time debate ended. Candidates stated what "middle class" exactly twice - and also among individuals was when Nj-new Jersey Gov. Scott Walker associated with Wisconsin as well as former Arkansas Gov. "Jobs" emerged twenty times. Chris Christie has been referring to his childhood.

The earlier debate, featuring seven candidates running lower within the polls, ended up being simply no better. Former Florida Gov. Which In Turn is why it's so baffling that will neither the questioners nor most candidates seemed eager to talk about growth, work opportunities and - as Republicans happen for you to be promising to do all election cycle - America's beleaguered working class.

In 2 hours of prime-time debating within Cleveland, the phrase "economy" emerged ten times. That came from the voter about Facebook, that wondered what Rubio would do to aid little businesses.

"It begins by simply getting leaders that recognize that your economy we are now living in today is dramatically different from your one we had five-years ago" the particular senator replied, prior to rattling off a quick while focusing pair of policy proposals: decreasing corporate taxes, improving higher training to always be able to boost worker skills, imposing a "regulatory budget" about government and also repealing Obamacare as well as the Dodd-Frank economic reforms.

It was a uncommon exchange for a debate that will consigned economic policy to a backseat at best.

Polls carry on to show that Americans care more in regards to the economy than some other election issue


Mine Cleanup Team Releases Millions of Gallons of Waste Into River -

The million-gallon mine waste spill that will sent a plume of orange-ish muck down a new river throughout southwest Colorado about Thursday has been caused by a federal mine cleanup crew. Pet proprietors were advised to help keep dogs and also livestock out of the Animas.

"It's really, truly ugly," Butch Knowlton, La Plata County's director associated with emergency preparedness, informed the Durango Herald.

IMAGE: Animas River

IMAGE: Animas River

"What dropped was the particular filthiest yellow mustard h2o you've at just about any time seen," she told the newspaper.

Durango resident Lisa Shaefer said the lady ended up being nearby the mine Wednesday when a mine bulwark broke as well as sent a torrent associated with water downstream that raised the particular drinking water degree 2 for you to three feet throughout Cement Creek. 6, 2015, throughout water colored from a mine waste spill.

The Particular creek runs to the Animas River, which then flows in for you to the San Juan River throughout New Mexico along with joins the particular Colorado River within Utah. Right now there aren't any fish in the Cement Creek watershed because of longstanding issues with water quality, the particular Colorado Department involving Public Wellness and the Environment said. "We're furthermore monitoring to create sure unfortunately we cannot acquire infiltration to the hatchery, simply because that could possibly be a problem."

Durango stopped pumping drinking water out in the Animas River in Wednesday to make positive not one associated with the waste might be sucked up into the area reservoir.

the U.S.

Earlier Thursday, your EPA said in the statement that the polluted drinking water "was held behind unconsolidated debris close to an abandoned mine portal."

The Particular U.S. Your first wall involving water carried rocks and debris along with designed a roar because it pushed by means of a new culvert, your woman said. . Workers instead launched an estimated one million gallons regarding mine waste into Cement Creek. previous contamination from the mine sent iron, aluminum, cadmium, zinc as well as copper into the water, stated Peter Butler, co-coordinator of the Animas River Stakeholders Group. Additionally, it suspended the actual transfers associated with uncooked h2o into a neighborhood greens and also Fort Lewis College. Environmental Protection Agency asserted the cleanup team has been working along with heavy equipment Wednesday to secure an entrance for the Gold King Mine. Don Cooper, emergency manager within San Juan County, stated folks should not panic as the EPA had told the county the spill wouldn't hurt individuals and that the main pollutants had been iron along with zinc. Jerry McBride / The Particular Durango Herald through AP

"It's not necessarily going to look pretty, nevertheless it isn't the killer," Cooper told The Particular (Farmington) Every Day Times.

The Actual EPA has been screening your plume to determine what metals were released.

Colorado Parks along with Wildlife was putting cages containing fish in the Animas River to watch what happens to them, spokesman Joe Lewandowski said.

Your influence on wildlife wasn't clear.

"We'll check if individuals fish survive," Lewandowski said.

Inside Farmington, New Mexico, town officials shut down water-supply intake pumps in order to steer clear of contamination and also encouraged citizens for you to remain out of the river until the discoloration offers passed.

the plume created its way to Durango upon Thursday afternoon, prompting La Plata County well being officials to become able to warn rafters yet others to avoid the water.

Officials weren't certain how long it could go forward and also take plume to dissipate, Ostrander said.

"The project had been intended for you to pump and treat the actual water and reduce metals pollution flowing out with the mine," agency spokesman Rich Mylott stated in a statement. Fish & Wildlife workplace inside suburban Denver failed to instantly return a call asking in regards in order to the spill. Your acidic sludge is created associated with hefty metal as well as soil, which in turn could irritate the particular skin, he said. Your scenic waterway had been the actual backdrop regarding areas of the particular movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and will be also well-liked using summer boaters. "Any type of recreational exercise about the river requirements to become suspended."

Officials emphasized in which there is simply no threat for you to drinking drinking water in the spill. However downstream water agencies were warned for you to avoid Animas drinking water until the actual plume passes, stated David Ostrander, director of EPA's emergency reaction program within Denver.

people kayak inside the Animas River near Durango, Colo., Thursday, Aug


Pinterest's Hold On Retail -

The majority (67 percent) of Pinterest users are generally below your ages of 40, 0.8 are generally female as well as 70 percent describe by themselves as early tech adopters.

So how's Pinterest reinventing retail?

"In the retail world where, let's always be honest, we're almost all offering the identical things. We haven't seen that inside advertising before, it's difficult to measure sometimes, however thrilling and an unearned bonus in which keeps likely all through time," Gilbreath said.

However, Silbermann didn't embrace his failure like a mastering experience -- instead, he just labored that much harder.

He furthermore reportedly gave out his individual cellphone amount along with achieved new customers for coffee.

"We're just about all fighting pertaining to time and fighting regarding eyeball space. Take, for example, 1 group together with whom Pinterest is especially popular: moms, who're a lot more complex than just high waisted jeans and artwork supplies.

"This individual will become the chief household officer plus they are usually purchasing every thing through food, for you to style for you to even running entertainment," he said.

"Coming up with the idea, getting everything you want and then heading as well as achieving it -- that's among the actual awesome things in regards for you to the platform along with I consider that's one of the items that's helping reinvent retail," he added. "It is quite early nonetheless but the large quantity of places even now for you to go."

Past Classic Demographics

And it also allows in which relationship develop organically more than time. Your active Pinterest user can be watching less TV, they're reading fewer magazines, they may possibly be looking through fewer catalogues and they are generally paying a shorter time about search engines like Google," said Bob Gilbreath, co-founder along with president with Ahalogy, the Pinterest Advertising Developer partner.

How is Pinterest likely to find to all regarding individuals places? By Simply helping merchants directly deal using the greatest kind of consumer -- usually the actual one who has demonstrated they are already seeking to buy.

The way customers shop -- as well as the approach advertising is completed -- features evolved incredibly rapidly as really commerce is now digital and transferred to mobile. Any time retailers acquire a person within their retailer it's concerning theater, it's about solutions. Pinterest is used upon mobile phones 0.8 in the time, according to the Ahalogy survey, with 67 percent involving users pulling up their particular Pins whilst shopping.

"People are generally heading for the food markets for you to buy the components they've pinned, or perhaps going towards the mall to always be able to pick up what it really will be they want to acquire along with wear after pinning it," Gilbreath noted. Inside the particular era regarding real-time text feeds, folks didn't consider a new photo-sharing platform had significantly of your future.

"It's not only recipes," he told your crowd, noting that will Pinterest users are generally in to DIY home projects, crafts, fashion, electronics and home decor -- and also what Pinterest essentially offers can become a far better way to search along with locate things that connect to those interests.

Pinterest could clearly entice eyeballs. And, Gilbreath noted, it has evolved your anticipations regarding how customers are usually approached and the way they are most fruitfully approached.

Who's Utilizing Pinterest - some Of That That You Expect, Several Surprises

When Pinterest launched in 2009, its co-founder as well as CEO associated with photo-sharing site Pinterest Ben Silbermann didn't precisely have got folks beating down his door for you to make sure he understands exactly what a brilliant thought he had stumbled on, according to become able to reports. Inside fact, Pinterest is now actively stealing those eyes from more traditional resources regarding consumer traffic.

It isn't regarding just connecting shoppers with items in the digital age group a great deal as it is about connecting together with consumers along with allowing their own ideally customized shopping experience. Silbermann had been dedicated to Pinterest, as well as believed there has been clearly a new globe of people on the market which could probably be as devoted to the thought because he was.

However, Gilbreath noted, males tend to be rapidly learning to become a larger part of Pinterest utilizing audience, as well as the typical Pinterest user is developing consumption preferences over the wide ranging field of prospective consumer goods.

"Sometimes as marketers, we wander a little past an appropriate limit to the demographics and invest too much energy targeting which way. Seventy percent regarding Pinterest customers declare to have made a obtain since of Pin along with 40 percent report having done so since of a Promoted Pin."

In traditional marketing, Gilbreath noted, marketers must head out along with figure out whom the most likely user/user group is for their great or perhaps service. "I think the concept of telling people, 'We blew it,' was only too embarrassing."

The Changing Store Environment

And individuals Pins are now being viewed almost all more than the commerce ecoysystem -- 52 percent used your services while in a mass retailer, 45 percent looked at Pinterest to obtain inspired for a project and also 28 % tried on the extender to purchase your required supplies.

"We're simply because regarding a quantity of in our customers in which top traffic traveling Pins are issues Pinned annually ago. "We are enabling reverse showrooming. You're thinking about providing all of them your thought they will in absolutely no way thought they could do, which may be one of the particular ways individuals use Pinterest, they're not seeking to acquire a particular idea constantly or typing in the certain search word They're ready being entertained, they're ready being exposed to a brand name new idea."

Gilbreath had been presenting hot-off-the-press outcomes associated with Ahalogy's 2nd annual Pinterest Media Consumption study with PYMNTS' R2 Summit -- the celebration of all items reinventing retail.. Pinterest was getting run out of your tiny apartment shared by simply its leadership team, as well as had merely managed capture regarding 10,000 users.

And because it turns out, sometimes Cinderella stories take place throughout real life. Using Pinterest, you have a person's eye already, you never require to take the particular demographic cut to start, you have people who're already actively looking for your product or even service as well as ideas associated to your product," Gilbreath noted on the data. By Simply 2012 Pinterest had been ranked since the third largest social media network in the U.S., and in addition by June 2015 it absolutely was priced at $11 billion, rendering it your eighth the majority of valuable unicorn inside the U.S.

They've discovered a location to exhibit shoppers individuals new ideas, introduce these phones new brands, along with result in the way to obtain much shorter.

If your mental image regarding the common Pinterest user can be of your technologically enthused millennial woman, anyone are, statistically speaking, really most likely correct. Right After an extremely effective launch around the iPhone along with iPad, Pinterest took off and shortly had millions after which tens involving an incredible number of users. In the event that you may be wanting to earn from mobile, Pinterest is a great method to pay."

"A lot of individuals ask, 'Why did you keep going? Why didn't an individual bail?'" he said. consumers are usually looking at items in the actual home on the couch yet inside a way that causes it to be simpler with regard to these to visit a store as well as and throughout real fact acquire it later. Alternatively of throwing up banner ads days ahead involving time of a buying event -- or perhaps sales within the weeks forward -- Pinterest permits to get a slower burn up form of commerce that will consistently and also increasingly drives consumer purchasing across demographics more than time.

"Pinterest is becoming a platform for the imagination along with what in addition will we do to give individuals suggestions they haven't had before after which activate these ideas since the purchase is a portion of the particular process," Gilbreath advised the particular assembled crowd at R2.

So bed certainly not the actual culprit Pinterest reinventing retail?

"I consider I personally wrote for the first 5,000 users," Silbermann told CNN.

Consumers want greater than his or her goods, he noted, and instead are searching for your best way not simply to buy, but also for you to decide what to purchase along with where anyone should purchase it. Pinterest -- with its mix regarding user-generated content material and smart SEO sorting -- results within a better alternative through instead offering a area for the likely user to essentially arrived at you.

"We certainly are usually a mobile medium. Because the visual medium that's an simple process to search and also customize, Pinterest will be ideally suited for most those consumers, Gilbreath said, and smart retailers discovered to aid customers decide within their favor through the utilization regarding Pins.

And, he noted, which audience is incredibly mobile oriented, an essential consideration for marketers struggling capture consumers' eyes in an era when shoppers are more consistently looking at smaller sized along with smaller screens. "That's the particular greatest marketing and advertising regarding all, demographics in many cases are carried out when you don't have details about the customer."

Nine a number of months in, it looked just just like the naysayers may have been right


Choctaw writer releases new fantasy book -

Smith offers just released your ex new fantasy novel, "Dragon Scale: the Medallion." The Actual book ended up being published by simply Dorrance Publishing Co.

Choctaw writer Dorothy L. Be a part Of the particular 3 associated with them, together with their telepathic canine Colors, and their fighting steed, while they research for your important that will defeat the particular developing evil, and also hopefully carry all of them almost all back when once more into a territory regarding happiness as well as peace."

. Here's how it's described in a news release:  

Read a free taste at

"You will meet Donil, the stalwart small knight; Bailee, the actual little orphan girl that must grow up also quickly; and also most of all, Tasara, young, beautiful, lithe plus a fierce warrior


Citi Open 2015: Tuesday Tennis Scores, Results and Updated Draw Schedule - Bleacher Report

Citi Open 2015: Tuesday Tennis Scores, Results and Updated Draw Schedule

Nick Wass/Associated Press

With the tennis world preparing for the U.S. Open at the end of August, many of the WTA and ATP's top stars are in Washington D.C. for the Citi Open tournament. 

Weather did turn out to be a problem, as rain caused two separate delays in play. It created havoc on the playing schedule, but all of the matches were able to be completed as darkness set in.

Top 10 players Kei Nishikori (No. 5) and Marin Cilic (No. 8) are the male headliners on the second day of competition, while Ekaterina Makarova was in action as the top seed on the women's side, as is defending champion Svetlana Kuznetsova. 

One thing known for sure is that there will be a new men's champion, as last year's winner Milos Raonic is still on the sidelines with a foot injury. 

Here are the results from Tuesday's action and updated draw information heading into Wednesday's third day of play. 


2015 Citi Open Results - August 4 Men's Singles

No. 2 Kei Nishikori

James Duckworth

6-7, 6-1, 6-4

Men's Singles

No. 3 Marin Cilic

Hyeon Chung

7-6, 6-3

Men's Singles

No. 12 Vasek Pospisil

Donald Young

7-5, 6-3

Men's Singles

No. 13 Sam Querrey

Go Soeda

6-3, 5-7, 6-4

Men's Singles

No. 15 Jack Sock

Ruben Bemelmans

7-6, 6-3

Men's Singles

Steve Johnson

Lukas Lacko

7-5, 6-3

Men's Singles

Sam Groth

Thomaz Bellucci

7-6, 4-6, 6-3

Men's Singles

Lleyton Hewit

John-Patrick Smith

6-3, 6-4

Men's Singles

Blaz Rola

Denis Kudla

6-2, 4-6, 7-6

Men's Singles

Guido Pella

Ivan Dodig

6-3, 6-7, 7-5

Men's Singles

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Tim Smyczek

6-4, 6-2

Men's Singles

Gilles Muller

Malek Jaziri

6-3, 7-5

Women's Singles

No. 1 Ekaterina Makarova

Alison Van Uytvanck

7-5, 7-5

Women's Singles

No. 2 Samantha Stosur

Kristina Mladenovic

6-2, 6-2

Women's Singles

No. 3 Belinda Bencic

Tereza Smitkova

7-5, 6-4

Women's Singles

No. 4 Svetlana Kuznetsova

Sanaz Marand

6-2, 6-4

Women's Singles

Christina McHale

No. 7 Coco Vandeweghe

6-2, 4-6, 6-4

Women's Singles

Polona Hercog

Julia Glushko

6-2, 7-5

Women's Singles

Naomi Broady

Jarmila Gajdosova

3-6, 7-5, 7-6

Women's Singles

Sloane Stephens

Magda Linette

6-2, 6-1

Women's Singles

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

Magdalena Rybarikova

7-6, 7-6


Updated Draw

An updated draw for the men's and women's schedule can be found at 

Notable Results

The first upset of the day saw seventh-seeded Coco Vandeweghe losing in three sets to unranked Christina McHale. 

Making this exit more disappointing for Vandeweghe is it was her first WTA event since Wimbledon, at which she made a career-best run to the quarterfinal. Yet this has been an unfortunate pattern for the 23-year-old throughout her career. 

Ben Rothenberg of the New York Times noted the inconsistency with which Vandeweghe played:

Yet that seems to be a pattern for Vandeweghe. She entered this tournament with a 15-14 record in 2015, so a loss Tuesday seems perfectly fitting for how her season has gone. 

One woman who had no such issues was Samantha Stosur. The No. 2 seed in this tournament breezed by Kristina Mladenovic, 6-2, 6-2, en route to earning her 500th career victory. She put an exclamation point on the win with this ace, per the Citi Open's official Twitter:

Stosur is finding a rhythm in these smaller events, winning the WTA Nurnberger Gastein Ladies two weeks ago and following that up with a dominant win against Mladenovic. 

The 31-year-old Stosur is no longer at the height of her tennis power, but she is still capable of doing good things whenever she steps on the court. It'd be a surprise to see her win another major title, though her greatest professional triumph did come at the U.S. Open in 2011. 

There was drama for American Sam Querrey, who had to fight off a valiant effort from Go Soeda in three sets. This marks the first tournament since June's Nottingham Open that he's made it to the third round in an ATP Tour event, though he did get helped here with a bye in the first round. 

Querrey's serve was on point for most of the victory, as he fired 26 aces. That was mitigated slightly due to seven double-faults, but Soeda only managed two aces of his own. 

On the men's side, even though Tuesday didn't provide as much drama with upsets, things will ramp up Wednesday when top seed Andy Murray takes the court for the first time looking for his third singles title of the year. 

As long as the weather doesn't cause too many problems moving forward, Wednesday should be a good day to separate the contenders from pretenders at the Citi Open.  

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